Pregnancy back pain help

Spinal soreness from pregnancy

Many women experience severe lumbar pain while heavily pregnant – mostly due to the extra weight they are carrying. Usually this pain occurs in the latter part of the pregnancy, in the third trimester which is after the sixth month. This occurs because the weight of the fetus increases which causes the mother’s posture to change. The change in her posture then results in an increase in lower back pain. However, in some cases, the pain can start even in the eight or twelfth week of her pregnancy.

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pregnant woman with lumbar painAnother cause can be due to a change in a pregnant woman’s hormones. This takes place in order to prepare her for the birth of her child. The hormones cause the ligaments and certain bones of the pelvic region to loosen up a bit to make room for the growing child. This could be another cause of lower back pain since the change in joints and ligaments tends to alter the person’s support system.

This back pain may either be mild or even acute back pain which could later possibly turn into chronic lower back pain. Click here for more info on pregnancy back pain relief.

There are two kinds of back pain experienced during a pregnancy are lumbar back pain more commonly known as lower back pain and posterior pelvic pain. Pain in the lower area of your back is very similar to the lower back pain experienced by people who are not pregnant. This pain may increase due to awkward positions or postures.

One may get relief from this pain either by applying ice to the region or with the help of a therapeutic massage. Hot water bottles are also known to be very helpful in some cases.

If are looking for other types of back pain treatment for pregnancy spinal pain – a massage is always one of the best options. It can soothe the pain and relax the patient.